Linux Desk Reference

This handy 6"x9" Linux desk reference packs information about every command Linux users will need -- organized for maximum value and convenience! Unlike some Linux references, Linux Desk Reference is organized by function, so new Linux users can find what they're looking for fast -- and a great "roadmap-style" alphabetical reference gets experts the information they need equally quickly! Linux Desk Reference covers every key aspect of running and administering Linux, including: files, I/O, scripting, pattern matching, paths, printers and print queues, document formatting, email, shells, X-Windows, text editors, and much more. Coverage also includes: sessions, users and groups, the Linux filesystem, processes, devices, disks, hosts, performance monitoring, scheduling, archiving/compression, networking, startup/shutdown, modules, daemons, logging, and the kernel. Unique to Linux books on the market, this book provides practical examples for every command -- plus hundreds of invaluable tips and warnings! For all

Scott Hawkins
Prentice Hall PTR